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Our Brand

It is not so much a demand for bridal boutiques, but a demand for quality couture wedding dresses from top designers that brides can finally find locally on Staten Island. The process for finding the perfect gown isn’t easy, trust me we know! But now the bride doesn’t have to travel to the city or other states to find those one of a kind gowns. Any soon-to-be Bride can come to Bossina Couture and find the perfect dress and have a profound personal level to make sure her experience is all around unforgettable.

From the first few moments of a bride coming in to our boutique, not only will she have help finding the dress of her dreams but everything and anything can be done on her gown so that it becomes a representation of her and allow her to be comfortable when the big day arrives. We take our relationships with our brides seriously because we realize we are not only helping her find her wedding dress but we are becoming part of a memory of a lifetime; a memory that will be celebrated with champagne for every bride as she completes her final fitting. This personal experience cannot be found at any other boutique.